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Case Studies

We’ve provided digital marketing strategies and solutions to startups, small- and medium-size businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

Client Results

Whether we’re working with giants like LinkedIn, WeWork, and CoverGirl, or helping small brands amplify their voice to captivate new audiences, we create unique campaigns that are the right size for your business.


We managed LinkedIn’s paid advertising for a quarter during an internal transition period. We finessed search engine copy and keyword targeting, managed display ads, and monitored daily performance, and budget metrics. In four weeks, we had met the total leads generated and total revenue goal (over $4 million) set for the quarter.

Display Ads • Keyword Targeting • Performance Monitoring


Social media is an essential way Gratsy connects brands like General Mills, Barbie, and Walmart with their target consumers through meaningful product giveaways. When they hired Nouvel Âge, however, the fledgling company had been inactive on social media for eight months. We gave them a strategic boost by planning and executing a 10-month social media strategy that generated more than 27,000 new followers, 2.5 million impressions, and 214,000 engagements.

Community Building • Content Strategy • Page Optimization


Klarbi, a travel planning and booking startup, is up against big-name competitors. We helped Klarbi distinguish their brand with a go-to-market strategy and plan that identified their unique value proposition, seven p’s, relevant consumer trends, customer personas and market segmentation, the customer journey, and key channels to focus on at launch. As Klarbi prepares for their upcoming soft launch, they are preparing to begin implementing the strategy we developed.

Brand Analysis • Marketing Strategy • Market Segmentation

Decreased Talent Scout program landing page bounce rate by 16%

Average email marketing open rate of 27%

363% increase in website traffic in first 30 days

288.21% increase in landing page views

Cost per thousand impressions 20% less than industry average

Over 1.9 million impressions and 252,000 video views

Haircare Brand Boosts CTR by 424% at One-Third the Cost

A million-dollar legacy hair care brand, needed help boosting product interest among younger consumers and sales at partner sites. We created and executed a paid advertising strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Google Search and Display, and YouTube. The initial campaign had a clickthrough rate of 4.09 percent, a 424 percent increase over it’s previous ad performance. The ads outperformed the industry average clickthrough rate by 350 percent at just one-third the industry average cost per click. 

Social Ads • Content Strategy • Brand Awareness


Ticketmaster faces high levels of negative consumer sentiment that adversely impacts their brand—and bottom line. We leveraged social listening to assess consumer sentiment trends and identify common consumer pain points. Based on our monthly reports and competitor intelligence, we developed recommendations for new and improved product and service offerings to improve customer satisfaction, including during the onslaught of COVID-19 event cancellations.

Social Listening • Social Analytics • Business Strategy

Athleisure Brand Achieves Impressive $9.45 ROAs

A premium women’s athletic wear company, hired us to provide paid advertising services to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, build their email list, and support purchase conversions. We provided paid media audits, editorial calendars, analytics, strategic plans, day-to-day management, and more. The paid media campaigns we executed generated a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of $9.45 for every $1 spent. The average ROAS is under 3:1.

Paid Advertising • Marketing Strategy • Remarketing

Over 1.9 million impressions and 252,000 video views

Total Average ROAS of 9.45:1

Generated 12,935 new email subscribers in 2021.

Increased brand score from 3 to 63.

Increased Talent Scout landing page click-through rate from 2.4% to 2.7%

Generated over $68K through email marketing in 2021.

Haircare Brand Boosts Click-Through Rates by 6x

A global, luxury haircare brand, sells exclusively through third-party retailers. They have no access to sales data—a challenge in optimizing paid advertising. The company struggled to use paid advertising to increase brand awareness, traffic to retailers, and sales revenue. We provided paid advertising services from audits to campaign strategy and execution. Our campaigns generated click-through rates of 4.67%, almost six times their past year’s CTR and far above the industry average. The campaigns cost $0.35 per click— a 24.5% decrease year-over-year for the child of a giant fortune 500 company. 

Bidding Strategy • Social Ads • Google Ads


For over a year, Upwork has turned to us to provide data-driven, research-driven positioning and messaging (P&M) for new and existing Upwork products. For example, customers struggled to differentiate Upwork’s Expert-Vetted Talent and Talent Scout programs. We developed new P&Ms for each program and created a new landing page and updated sales materials for Expert-Vetted Talent. We also helped build adoption of Upwork’s new Record with Loom functionality. The number of “Record with Loom” clicks grew by 40% in four weeks.

Content Strategy • Market Research • A/B Testing • Personas

Goldfinch Cloud Solutions

GoldFinch lacked an SEO strategy and struggled to drive organic traffic to their site. We first conducted an SEO audit and SEO keyword research. Next, we collaborated with GoldFinch’s team to revamp their website structure and copy to optimize on-site SEO. We also reached out to industry leaders, bloggers, and social influencers to generate backlinks and social media mentions to increase GoldFinch’s off-page SEO. GoldFinch’s domain ranking increased 16 points and the site’s page load time sped up from a lagging five seconds to an excellent two seconds.

On-Site SEO • Off-Page SEO • Content Audit • Search Keywords


When Lyft faced a challenging commercial environment during the pandemic, they turned to Nouvel ge for insightful social media and social listening data to make relevant strategic decisions. We gave them detailed reports over a three year period to help them make sense of their online data, giving recommendations and identifying opportunities to help shift the brand sentiment. Our insights helped Lyft compete in a tough industry by running campaigns that resonated with their riders.

Social Media Listening • Social Media

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