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📅 December, 2023
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Ho ho ho!

This month, Happy Marketing is hitting your inbox early before I fall into a week-long food coma in front of the TV am OOO for the holidays!

That means there’s just time to squeeze in a look at how to make the most of last-min sales this holiday season, a few of my favorite ad campaigns from the year, and why aliens (👽🤙) could be an un-tapped audience in your marketing strategy.

So, hit pause on that gift-wrapping and unwrap this seasonal edition of Happy Marketing! (Pst. That’s the first of many holiday-themed jokes. Proceed with caution.)

Santa’s marketing team on their way to read December’s Happy Marketing before the busiest night of the year.

Santa’s marketing team on their way to read December’s Happy Marketing before the busiest night of the year.

An Ecom Game-Changer 🤑

This season is a 🎁 for ecom brands. It’s the season for frantic gift buying, panic last-minute ordering, and hella sales if you play it right.

But is it already too late to do anything meaningful this year?

No, and here’s the perfect last-min omg-I-have-to-make-some-sales playbook.

First of all, check your delivery dates with your logistics partner — when’s the cut-off for deliveries in time for Christmas? Now, run ads advertising that date, put a countdown on your hero banner, and ramp up the urgency.

Stick to the point in your creatives. Your message is simple — if you want your loved one to unwrap this on Christmas morning, you’ve got to buy NOW. Plus, at this point, you haven’t got time to get fancier, lol.

Once that deadline passes, don’t sit back. Now, it’s time to switch your approach.

There’s always that husband panic-buying on Christmas Eve, and he’s your new target. But this time, you’re pushing instant e-gift cards with something extra, i.e., a beautiful, printable PDF design or a unique personalization.

Now, run your ads again with the hook focussed on your last-min pain point. Target married men over 35 (just kidding! 😉), and make sure to keep your ads running all through Christmas morning.

This way, you capture all those hiding-in-the-bathroom-because-I-forgot-to-buy-my-mother-in-law-anything-and-she’s-on-her-way-over-right-now sales. 👌

Need help implementing this? Contact me right now. We’ll get something up and running ASAP so you don’t miss another moment.

The Reason for the Season

The holidays can be a tricky time for many.

Top hits include that racist auntie you always end up arguing with, explaining to your grandparents for the 100 millionth time what your job is, and your dad’s attempt at cooking 🙃.

So, this year, let’s not forget what the holidays are really about: BOMB-ASS ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS!

The Christmas season represents the best of marketing, where all that hard work comes off, and we end up enjoying just great advertising. From 10-foot candles in New York City to Ikea’s twisted take on a Christmas dinner, I fricken’ love the creativity and the sheer hard work that goes into making something like that happen.

And 2023’s creepiest Christmas visual goes to… whatever this monstrosity of a snowman is by UK supermarket Tesco.

Seen a holiday campaign you love? Send it in to Happy Marketing by emailing me! I wanna see!

Ready for the Superbowl?

If, in the last paragraph, you were asking how Christmas beats sporting events when it comes to marketing, then you got me! The Superbowl is also damn good.

And it’s around this time of year that we get a sneak peek at what’s to come. Catch up here.

Do You Have Threads?

Of course you have Threads. You downloaded it, used it once, and then realized you can’t delete it. Anyway, Threads is having its second anti-climactic launch of the year over in Europe.

Now, I’m still on the fence about Threads as a social media platform. I did love Twitter, but now, with advertisers leaving in droves and Elon Musk’s mom stepping in every now and then, it gives me weird vibes. So, is Threads a viable alternative?

It certainly feels that way in the app. A more subtle algorithm and friendlier conversations suggest that Threads might be the next place for organic interaction. But I’m still not sure whether the halcyon days of social media are limited.

Watch this space. It might be that the Europeans decide this one for us.

The State of Social

Beyond Threads, connecting with your audience over social media is getting harder. With so much content, competing with the big dogs is difficult, and standing out in an opaque algorithm is tough, especially for small brands.

All this means that social listening is key, and insights that we can glean from data might be the difference between a viral piece of content and a flop.

Take the best time to post, for example. It’s not a one-size-fits-all (although Thursday is a good bet). Tweaking your strategy around popular days could give you a leg up.

Take an in-depth look at the data from Brandwatch here and email me if you found something interesting for your business. I’d love to hear about it.

The Rise of BNPL

Are you ready for this stat I heard recently?

Nearly 1 in 4 Gen-Zers won’t buy from a brand unless there’s an option to buy now and pay later (BNPL).


That means a whole load of businesses who are not signed up to Affirm are missing out. Even Walmart just got in on it. And this is important news because, although the economy is looking up, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Skyrocketing Conversion Secrets

There is so much info on the web about landing pages that it can get a little… ✨overwhelming✨.

But still, I see so many landing pages that make basic mistakes. Why?!

If that’s you, I scoured the web (i.e., this article) for 5 top tips you can take right this second to increase conversions.

  1. Make your forms SIMPLE — no one wants to have to give you so much info on the first date. Capture email and first name; the rest can come later.

  2. Use a contrasting color on your CTAs — make them obvious, duh. Experiment with unique CTAs if you can, but if you do, make sure that they are simple to follow and transparent.

  3. Optimize your headings — no boring copy here please. Remember, headings are the number one thing many people read, so arrange them logically and get them to tell the story.

  4. Don’t ask users to create accounts — I personally HATE this. No, I don’t want to create an account with a unique password to make a one-off purchase. I just don’t. I will click away (and so will 37% of others).

  5. Leverage retargeting strategies — if you’ve paid money to get that click on the landing page, you better retarget them. If you don’t, you’re missing out on countless revenue opportunities, and you HAVE to resolve that ASAP. But don’t worry — automation can help.

Are Aliens Real?

Sorry. I literally HAD to include this gif.

Last year, the government admitted that, yes, aliens are real. And yes, they might already be here on earth.

And no one batted an eyelid, lol.

But Moonpie knows that even extraterrestrials crave that sweet chocolate/marshmallow combo sometimes. That’s why they worked with an actual alien language expert (yep, you read that right) to write this ad, targeted at Earth’s newest audience.

Here it is. In all its glory.

OMG wait. I just realized this is because they’re moon-pies.

Genius. 🌚

My Word of 2024: Strategy

If you know me, you’ll know that I take strategizing seriously. I’ve got a whole bullet journal (lol) dedicated to my personal, professional, and relational goals, and I’m unashamed.

But this month, I asked you guys how often you audit and update your marketing strategy, and I have to say I was kind of surprised by the results.

25% of responders said that they update or audit their strategy once a year, and another 13% just twice a year.

😲 IMO, this is too long in between audits! Especially in our tech-driven society, where a big announcement (AI anyone?) or evolving trends could radically change the marketing approach your business needs to take.

A Look Into My Crystal Ball 🔮

2024 looks like it’s shaping up to be a doozy. Exciting tech, an emerging economy (maybe), and unprecedented data mean that there’s reason to be optimistic about this upcoming year.

But what exactly should you look out for? Here are the top predictions from my marketing oracle:

  1. Human-Written Content is IN

Yep, 2023 was the year of AI. 2024 will be the year we realize humans value human connection through content.

My advice? Get ahead of this now. Start putting out a few content pieces that prioritize VALUE over mass-generated fluff and curate your contact list so you don’t have to join the SEO/AI race to the bottom.

  1. Email Marketing is Having a Moment

I haven’t spoken a lot about email this year, but I predict we’re going to see a step up when it comes to email marketing.

Why? Well, SEO is about to get harder, and BOFU PPC ads are already hard. Email is the way to build relationships, engage with people directly, and deliver valuable content that gets read. Expect to see more targeted emails, AMP in your inbox, and hyper-personalization FTW.

  1. Influencers are Back, Baby

I know; I hear you cry. Influencers are so 2020! But are they?

2024 is the year of virility and unique customer experiences online. It’s no longer enough to add a ‘link in bio ✨’ and generate revenue, though. 2024 demands more connection, more engagement, more hyper-specialization, and *checks notes* AI generated influencers?

  1. PPC = An Expensive Necessity

The big tech giants are not gonna let us off the PPC hook so easily.

This upcoming year, PPC is going to be even more important to drive revenue, but it’s going to require a higher budget to see results. Plus, that data is going to need validating, too. My truly honest recommendation for ads this year is that you need an expert more than ever.

See You On the Other Side!

Remember, if increasing revenue is on your NY resolution list, I’m your gal. But with that, school’s out for another calendar year!

Happy holidays, and I wish everyone a sales-filled, sassy-af new year.

Time to crack open the wine!


CEO & Founder,
Nouvel Âge Media


CEO & Founder

Happy Marketing

A newsletter for marketing insights, stories and winning strategies.

Happy Marketing

A newsletter for marketing insights, stories and winning strategies.

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