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Welcome to your dose of the hottest marketing news, straight off the press!

In this month’s issue we’re judging Elon (some things never change), serving up some scorching summer sales stats, and feeling some type of way about content marketing ❤️

It’s all here – so grab your coffee and let’s dive in.

Happy 4th! 🎆

This month I told my British copywriter to enjoy the 4th July… Cause they celebrate that too, right? #FREEDOM
But you know what I love more than ‘MURICA? A great seasonal brand campaign. And this month, Ben & Jerry’s got well into the spirit with a celebratory tweet that was well received by those on both sides of the political spectrum.
Hmm. Okay, you got me. Maybe it didn’t go down so well with everyone. Maybe Ben and Jerry’s is having a Bud Light moment.

BUT I said it last month and I’ll say it again… maybe that was the whole point. Attitudes are changing and the customers of the future, Gen Z, are more politically aware, more left-wing, and more likely to value political action as a motivator in their buying decisions.

Plus, this is Ben & Jerry’s we’re talking about – already pretty well known for their activism. Yes, short term Unilever stock dropped. But they’re playing the long game.

Are You Thready (lol) for ANOTHER social media?

Q: What’s the difference between Elon Musk and God?
A: God doesn’t think He’s Elon Musk.

Hehe 😈
It’s been a bad year month week for Elon. Not only has Zuck created the fastest growing social media ever, it seems Twitter is in a doom spiral, falling 32% in the Google rankings in just one day. Oopsie 😬

But isn’t social media dead anyway? I don’t know about you but after my initial couple of hours on Threads, the fun dwindled fast. The app’s been unopened since, and I’d probably delete it if I could.

I dunno, are we getting bored of new socials, or am I just jaded? Contact us and let me know.

Social Media + Google + YouTube = ADS MAGIC 🪄

OKAY. Maybe social media is still good for something. I hear y’all. And that thing is ads. And wishing that aunt who smells kind of funky happy birthday 2 days late.

But you know what’s better than those social media ads ROIs? When you bring your social media ads, mix them with Google ads and finish with a sprinkling of Youtube 🪄 MA-GI-CAL.

The trouble we see with our clients is that it costs a lot of money to find an ad strategy that works. Then, when they find it, they cling onto it like their revenue depends on it, even when a better ROI could be within reach. 
We get it. Branching out into YouTube is scary and heaven forbid we start playing around on TikTok. Christ.

BUT if this is you, THE EASIEST WAY TO GET AD RESULTS IS TO WORK WITH A STRATEGIC AD PARTNER. One who knows what they’re doing. One like Nouvel Âge Media.

🎺 We don’t wanna blow our own trumpet but seriously, we’re damn good at ads. If your ad strategy needs a refresh, reach out to me and I’ll take a look and see how I can help. Contact us and we’ll set something up.

All in on SALES 💸🤑💰

Okay now we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to do what we were born to do. SELL.

This month, here’s what we’ve been reading (and loving) as we prepare for 2023 the summer of sales babyyyy:

  1. Ready to scale your ecom brand from 1mill to 50mill? These Tweets are a fantastic insight into the brands doing ads right, and how they use ads to scale, scale, scale.
  2. But it’s not just ecom sharing the sales love — check this blog out for the hottest insights into B2B lead gen.
  3. The secret to all sales success? At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s DATA. Check out this case study and see how that not-so-secret secret propelled Base Beauty’s clients to new heights. Repeatable, scalable, and replicable – that’s our kind of strategy.

UTMs in Danger

In other news, Apple just can’t stop killing tracking, huh? This month, UTMs are in the firing line – the little bits of data added to the end of a URL to track a marketing campaign performance.

Okay, so what’s the issue? Basically, big tech companies are under pressure to make the web less about data-stalking your customers and more about transparency. This means cutting back on the tech that allows us marketers to get that juicy, audience-targetting data 😓

Yeah, this sucks. BUT it’s also an opportunity. We might have gotten a bit lazy in the last few years knowing that our efforts were going to reach the right people. Now, we’ve got to be a little cleverer about getting the results we’re used to. How? CREATIVES OF COURSE!

Time to level up your investment into outstanding copy and creative vision. This is what matters now more than ever. This shift is all about leveraging email, organic social media, and exceptional content to find your people and keep them engaged.

Content Marketing is Having a Moment

Which leads us nicely into our final piece: CONTENT MARKETING IS HAVING A MOMENT.

The web as we know it is under attack – AI, privacy laws, limited audience segmentation… things are changing. But the thing that isn’t changing? The vol of content people consume.

So the demand is out there, we just have to make sure we’re reaching it by providing Content. That. Is. Actually Good. That’s it!

PS Struggling with good content? This checklist is a great place to start.

BRB Off to the Beach 🏖️

It was a short and sweet one this month as I know you are sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere working hard over the summer.

But seriously, if you’re already sunbathing thinking about those fall ad campaigns, reach out to me for your free consultation and let’s get things in place now. Your ROAS come October will thank you.

That’s all from me!


CEO & Founder,
Nouvel Âge Media


CEO & Founder

Happy Marketing

A newsletter for marketing insights, stories and winning strategies.

Happy Marketing

A newsletter for marketing insights, stories and winning strategies.

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