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Happy Marketing May 2023

Psst! How much does an influencer weigh? (Your answer’s at the end)

Hello 😊

May’s edition, hot off the press!

This month, we’re giving our spicy-ass takes on the marketing buzz. We’re talking Coachella, Barbie, Bud Light (an unlikely trio but hey). Then, we’re letting you in on our spring cleaning tips for a fresh new brand look.

It’s all here – so grab your coffee and let’s dive in.

Coachella takes the crown 👑

‘Tis the season of Coachella: influences abound, festival fashion is everywhere, and not to mention those cool bands you’re scared to admit you’ve never heard of.

But it wasn’t always that way. The key to Coachella’s meteoric rise to the top of the festival charts? A whoppingly successful social media influence.

Perhaps Budweiser can learn a thing or two, you might be thinking.

The beer brand has been making headlines featuring old men pouring their beloved bev down the drain in protest to trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney’s new face appearing on a can in a sponsored social media post.

Yep. That’ll show ‘em.

Or is this their latest ploy to stay on top?

With Gen-Z staying sober yet increasingly likely to buy from brands that align themselves with social justice causes, our verdict is that Budweiser is taking a short term hit with the long game in mind.

Talking of controversy… 🥦💨

If you know what those emojis means, then Jack in the Box is sending some marketing your way 😉

The latest move towards a more ouid friendly culture is big brands embracing cannabis-marketing. There’s a culture shift happening, and we think those early brands are tipped to take advantage when the dams finally burst.

So, mariju-wanna go out to dinner tonight? I’m thinking Jacks.

Did ChatGPT write this email?

Now, I promise I’m a real person (exactly what a robot would say 🤨) but could I be replaced?

That’s what this split test aims to test: whether AI generated content gets as many clicks as a real human. TL;DR — AI could replace a human in the short term, but your long term strategy might not hold up.

Increasingly when it comes to ChatGPT we’re seeing the same themes over and over again. Yes, AI is here to stay and absolutely, it’s going to bring some real changes to the internet and the way we react to it. But at the same time, people prefer to hear from people. 

As your competition slacks and starts messing around with AI, our opinion is that now’s the time to double down on your unique voice.

The future of search

While we’re on the topic, the debate’s been raging for a while now. Search + AI = a match made in heaven?

Even the search gods can’t agree on how AI will shake things up. Google’s CEO says that search “will evolve substantially over the next decade,” yet this month, we enjoyed Neil Patel’s commentary on whether ChatGPT is actually going to shake up search (spoiler: he says no).

Ultimately, we won’t know until we get there, but what can be certain is that the next evolution of search will be about understanding what users want and helping them do it.

May’s revolutionary ads

Where conventional wisdom states that people love short form video content, Nissan doesn’t like to play by the rules.

Their latest ad is a whopping 4 HOURS long. But it’s chill af, so it’s got people talking. One comment? “At first, I was like? ‘Is this really a 4-hour ad?’ Then I was like, ‘Damn, this beat is fire.’”

In other ad news, billboards are having a moment. Research is showing that out-of-home ads show higher recall than online ads, and that a huge 49% of adult consumers notice billboard ads more than they did just one year ago — the good ol’ Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon in action.

That got your attention.

The best performing billboards are those that make you look, and if the viral IG reels of 3D billboards are anything to go by, then make sure you think big, get extra creative, and stay cool when you’re designing a billboard ad. 

Our thoughts? We like to think that there are rules when it comes to ads, and for the most part that’s right, but throwing in a wild card every once in a while is a great strategy too.

Linkin up with LinkedIn

The other ad platform that’s having a moment? LinkedIn.

Since the pandemic, LinkedIn has been claiming ground. According to stats they released this month, audiences exposed to brand messages on LinkedIn are a HUGE 6X more likely to convert. But that doesn’t mean redirect all your ad budget to InMails.

Our opinion is that a LinkedIn strategy needs more than a couple of dollars thrown at it if you want to see real returns. Make sure your executives have a strong online presence, and go from there.

Come on Barbie

Okay, let’s face it? The hottest meme format OF THE YEAR has to be the Barbie meme.

Hehe. I’m unashamed.

But did you know that toy giant Mattel is being propped up by its Barbie sales. In 2022, Mattel’s Barbie brand generated gross sales of $776 million, and this year is predicted to knock that out of the park.

Just goes to show that memes really are the way to everyone’s heart.

Ecommerce recs 💡🛒

We all know that May is the perfect time for a little spring cleaning 🧹

We’ve noticed that many of our clients’ ecommerce sites could do with a little love, so first up here’s 30 recommendations you can prioritize to optimize your ecom SEO.

Next up, nothing kills a web visit faster than a deadlink (ha, get it 💀). Do a link sweep of your site and read this on why links are more important than you might think… 

Now, let’s add some heat. A heatmap on your site tracks user behavior, so you can figure out what your visitors like, what they don’t like, and what they’re ignoring.

Finally, once you’ve done all that, brush up on what your customers are going to look for this year. How is your brand aligned?

Ready for an image refresh 🌸

In 2023, we’re bored of the same old when it comes to branding. The best brands are making things move when it comes to their image, but how do they do it?

First up, it’s time to get back to your basics, and look at the story your brand is telling, and the character it’s playing. Reject a stagnant brand strategy — what’s its living visual identity?

If a new site has been on your to-do list, you’d do worse than to check out these mind-blowing website flows for some inspo. Then, keeping your new look consistent is always a challenge. This month, we’ve been reading how BrandPad keeps your guidelines accessible – worth a look if you’re about to embark on a refresh.

That’s it folks!

Well, that’s all from me this month.

Got something on your mind? Whatever it is, I wanna hear it. Shoot back an email with a meme or a fun story you think is worthy of June’s newsletter – I love to read ‘em.

Oh! And an influencer weighs just under one Instagram. Don’t hate me.

See you in June ⛱️

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