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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Implement in 2021

In the world of Digital Darwinism as Brian Solis calls it, your business is just one of many that’s fighting to survive in our technological world. As the popular phrase goes, it’s the survival of the fittest. However, instead of foraging for food out into the wild, you’ll have to explore and adapt to the constant changes that take place in our digital landscape. That includes shifting consumer behaviors, new tech updates, social media trends, and more. You’ll no longer be able to rely on the old methods — especially during the pandemic. In fact, McKinsey reported that the pandemic increased e-commerce adoption by 10 years in the span of 3 short months. 

Though these changes might be scary, it’s your opportunity as a smart marketer to view them as a challenge that’ll fortify your business. Here at Nouvel Age Media, we’re here to help you develop your digital marketing strategy and give you an inside look at our top 5 digital marketing trends to implement in 2021.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

    If you’re not already thinking about adding artificial intelligence to your digital marketing strategy, then put it at the top of your list. It’s one of the most versatile technologies to emerge in the past decade and can be integrated into almost any software and platform.  For one, it can take a lot of the painful guesswork marketers spend analyzing data and consumer behavior out of the picture. Mastercard successfully implemented this with its messenger bot that was able to predict what a customer wanted thanks to its natural language processing software. Apart from the time saving insights it can offer, AI can also help with content optimization by identifying keywords, using the right tags, and far more to accurately pinpoint consumer search intent. It’s without a doubt, one of the most powerful digital marketing trends you can adopt moving into the future.

  2. Programmatic Advertising

    If paid advertising is your thing, then programmatic advertising will be right up your alley. By utilizing its power to automate the ad buying process, you can take advantage of its ability to target the specific audience niche you want without spending additional time and money. Along with its efficiency and speed, you can enjoy real-time tracking and results. Because 86.2% of digital display ads are already programmatic as of 2020, now’s the time to adapt it to your online marketing strategy. 

  3. Conversational Marketing

    In our pandemic impacted world, consumers have never valued human interaction more. This insight stresses the importance of conversational marketing in today’s day and age. One of the best ways to facilitate this business to customer relationship is by adding AI-powered chat boxes to your customer services. This instant messaging technology can operate when you sleep and satisfy the short attention spans consumers have before they click on your competitor’s site. When over 82% of consumers reported that they want an immediate response to their questions, it becomes clear that more conversationally-focused marketing is the way to go. 

  4. Short Form Video Marketing

    If the amount of time you might have spent scrolling through TikTok and Instagram Reels isn’t indicative, then you now know that short form video marketing is dominating the marketing world. Over 72% of businesses alone reported that video content has improved their conversion rate. That’s only set to increase as more and more platforms add video creating capabilities. Heard of Snapchat Spotlight or YouTube shorts making waves? If not, then it’s time to get creative! 

  5. Data-Driven Personalization

    In the world of human relations, a person’s name can often be one of the sweetest words they hear. It no doubt translates to the world of marketing, as more than 90% of consumers in a study found personalization to be appealing. However, it’s not merely enough to add someone’s name to the top of a generic email blast. To truly stand out in 2021 and beyond, you’ll want to get creative with the way you personalize. The ability to analyze data goes hand in hand with this skill and EasyJet capitalized on this. By utilizing the power of creative personalization, they created a data-driven email campaign that looked at the travel histories of customers and suggested where they’d travel next with personalized stories. Unsurprisingly, they enjoyed a 25% higher click-through rate. 

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Now that you have the digital marketing trends you need to adapt and evolve, your business will be able to outlast the tidal wave of competition that constantly slams upon the commerce world. However, even with the knowledge of these trends, it can be difficult to actually execute them in the right way. Luckily, our experienced team of digital marketing experts here at Nouvel Age Media is excited to guide your business along in the right direction with our full array of services. To set you up for success in 2021 and beyond, don’t hesitate to chat with us.

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